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Century Automation is active and dynamic in software, hardware, IT and industrial automation industry in the USA founded in 1996. Our purpose is to work in consult, design, develop, logistic and support of all software and hardware related to organizational and industrial automation, accounting, ERP. At first, we used expert and experienced software engineers and the newest programming methods to create financial software. We are proud to make our clients satisfied by serving our best to deliver what they really want to them. Years of connections with industrial organizations and administrative offices gave us precious treasure. Up to now with this treasure and our expert manager and engineers we developed software an enterprise resource planning (ERP) package contains: Automation, Channel Sale, Accounting, Warehouse, Wholesale, financial, human resource and assets. Our special focus in software development science changes makes us create our software with the highest quality. The characteristic of these products is flexibility and scalability that can use in many different types of organizations and industries. We know one of the important parts of software development is support. Support is our bridge to our customers. Our experts 24/7 are ready to be there for you with phone, email and in person. We are happy for having the trust of many company and organizations..

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